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Mollie and Patrick_Summit of Putterman on the Throne_2017Mollie Bailey_2017-17Mollie Bailey_Putterman on the Throne_2017Patrick Betts_2017-4Mollie and Patrick_Summit of Eagle Plume_2017Mollie Bailey_Pitch 4, Eagle Plume Tower_2017Mollie Bailey_2017-16Mollie Bailey_Pitch 2 of the South Face on Eagle Plume_2017Mollie Bailey_2017-15Mollie Bailey_2017-14Mollie Bailey_2017-13Ryan Anderson_2017-6Mollie Bailey_The Hangnail, 5.9_2017-2Mollie Bailey_The Hangnail, 5.9_2017Mollie Bailey_2017-12Patrick Betts_2017-3Mollie Bailey_Pitch 2 of Longbow Chimney, Crooked Arrow Spire_2017-2Mollie Bailey_Pitch 2 of Longbow Chimney, Crooked Arrow Spire_2017Mollie Bailey_2017-11Mollie Bailey_Elvis's Hammer_2017-3